Blockchain Poland

Blockchain Poland Sp. z o.o. is a Polish company in the FinTech sector.

We concentrate our activities on developing blockchain technology by raising the awareness among the members of society of the benefits this technology brings

About Us

Blockchain Poland Sp. z o.o. is a Polish company in the FinTech sector. We holistically support and develop innovative projects.

We concentrate our activities on developing blockchain technology by raising the awareness among the members of society of the benefits this technology brings.

Together with our partners we implement innovative products and services based on blockchain and cryptographic representation mechanisms aided by AI (artificial intelligence).


Blockchain technology

Decentralised and distributed database in open source model on a network with peer-to-peer (P2P) architecture without central computers and having no central place to store data, used to book all transactions encoded using cryptographic algorithms.

Blockchain is a public and open register which can be accessed by anyone.

Blockchain technology can be successfully used in other sectors, e.g. banking, Energy production (also renewable energy - distributed), medicine, medical services, biotechnology.

IT subcomponents and computers

We cooperate with computer subcomponent distributors who are prominent on Polish and European market; e.g. ASBIS, WORTMANN AG, AB SA and Komputronik.

The equipment purchased in our company has comprehensive service care and is fully 
insured / warranty is valid throughout the duration of the contract and this is something that 
us unique compared with our competition


Servers and services

We assemble computers according to the Client’s needs (gaming, in-company, dedicated to blockchain) and tailor-made servers and IT infrastructure according to the Client’s needs or with the use of our original solutions.

We provide comprehensive installation services i.e. we prepare rooms for server / computer installation, equip them with electric and ventilation devices, install and parametrise infrastructure for the Internet and CCTV systems.


What is bcp token?

The BCP token is the primary accounting currency.

It serves the function of an intermediary (bridge) between the users and the platform.
It is a new form of shares.

1BCP = 1 share on the platform.

The shares give the right to be paid out the dividend on preferential terms.
An additional benefit is the possibility to exchange the shares on the platform 
for shares in projects and gain dividend directly from these projects.

What are the rights of the BCP tokens holders?

Each of the 160 000 000 tokens entitles to:

– Dividend – paid out proportionally to each token. It means that once per year for 1 BCP the users will receive additional BCP depending on the level of profits the platform will generate.

– Discount on purchased products and services provided on the platform.

– Additional BCP for using and/or promoting a particular project.

The number of tokens is pre-defined: 160 000 000 pieces.
60% of the amount serves as the collateral needed to pay out
dividend and is not for sale.

Where can you buy the BCP token?

You can purchase the BCP token on exchange.

How are the BCP tokens buyers verified?

The exchange according to the implemented AML and KYC procedures
verifies the buyers (token holders).

In the further phase the users of the platform will be verified on the BCP platform.

Who is the owner of the BCP token?  

The owner of the BCP token is Blockchain Poland Sp. z o.o. operating in Warsaw.

What is the origin of the name of the BCP token?

The name comes from the name of the company – Spółka Blockchain Poland.



We are one of few companies on the Polish market which finance or co-finances computer and/or computer components purchasing on very attractive terms – consumer lease for natural persons or   operating lease for companies.


Renewable Energy

Do you have huge demand for energy in your company as your equipment and machines consume big amounts of electric energy? If yes, you are in the right place. We can offer electric energy from wind plants, farms and/or photovoltaic installations or biogas plants on very attractive terms.


Register Adress

ul. Magnacka 7/50


Operation office

ul.Kozietulskiego 4a/1


Contact Us!

tel. 22 839 39 39

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